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Four years ago I was blind-sided by infidelity and hurtling toward divorce.   The extraordinary pain I felt in those early days ignited my spiritual awakening and kicked off a period of accelerated emotional and spiritual evolution.  I chronicled my journey in the blog, His Giant Mistake, a real-time account of my experiences.  What was once seen as his giant mistake is now the greatest gift I’ve ever received, transforming me in every way.  I’ve helped thousands of people spin magic out of infidelity and divorce, using the experiences as a catalyst for evolving beyond the Ego and naturally living in the present moment, at ease, and with consistent contentment.  Come on this profound journey with me as we all continue to evolve and awaken.

I stumbled upon you during a bleak, dark circuitous vacuum in my present reality.  The words, vision, and hope you paint are inspiring.  I don’t know about tomorrow but because of your amazing words, today I can put one foot in front of the other to cope with this devastating event in my life.  Thank you.  I feel like there are tears dripping into my soul.

David S.

I am blown away by your humor, your positive attitude and — most of all, your courage.  You are able to articulate all that I feel inside.  At least I know that the feelings I have are “normal” and there is someone out there that has been there and has healed in an amazing way.  Your guidance has helped me to release my anger and see the beauty in life again.

Ellie W.

Pain is Magical

“Pain is what gets me from paper to origami.  Paper’s fine, but origami is magic.  I don’t choose to be fine.  I choose to be magic.”  

Boundaries Are Badass

“Boundaries are the commitments we make with ourselves that reflect our level of self-respect, compassion for our selves and self-love. They are the pillars upon which love with another can stand in strength without teetering on the edge of plummeting to hell.” 

Cleo’s writing is about more than a broken marriage and navigating a divorce. On a higher level, it’s about digging yourself out of a hole, any hole, and about finding opportunity in a bad situation. She wants to provide inspiration to people who are facing daunting struggles.  

“Don’t just go through a divorce,” Cleo says. “Make it the best thing that ever happened to you.” It’s the kind of advice that you read in self-help books and hear from motivational speakers, but coming from Cleo it’s more genuine because she’s living it.

San Francisco Chronicle

His Giant Mistake – Spinning Magic out of Infidelity and Divorce 

A real time account of the first year after discovering my former spouse’s affair.

“I stumbled upon the authors’ blog and was immediately hooked. I bought the ebook and found myself constantly highlighting passages so I could go back and truly absorb the wisdom of her words. This author has a profound ability to connect with the reader. If anyone is experiencing the end of their marriage, I highly recommend they read this book. It’s an unflinching account of her journey after betrayal, and so relatable to anyone who has gone through the same experience. It’s about finding the path to joy again. It’s about finding the “I” after the “We”. It’s about finding the inner strength to love yourself. I kind of wish it was in hardcover form because I would be handing this book out like candy. It’s a big secret club a lot of us belong to, and it’s time to break the shameful mindset associated with marriages that end due to infidelity. Well done, Ms. Everest.” Amazon Reviewer

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