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For fifteen years I guided executives through significant career changes which often impacted their entire family.  My success was a direct result of my intuitive ability to see and know the right next step for them and the environment in which they would flourish.  At the time I thought I was just tenacious.  And lucky.

Today, I put those same sentient skills to use as a guide for those experiencing the significant shifts that come with discovering infidelity and dealing with the fallout of divorce.

My own experience unleashed my intuitive abilities and led to a full on spiritual awakening.  Something I am profoundly grateful for and now no longer ashamed to admit that (A) I was asleep in my marriage and (B) today I’m awake.

I am a writer, a published author, a former sports talk radio show host (yep) and sports writer (mhmm), a mountain climber and open water swimmer and content co-parent.

All that is awesome.  But the very best I am of all is that I am whole.  Joyful.  Consistently content.  Delighted by the unknown.

And you can be all that and more.

I’m here to help.

Love yourself,


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