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Putting bandaids on deep wounds leads to infection.  Instead of coping week to week, how about transforming, permanently?  Going beyond healing and accelerating your evolution as a human being.  Utilize the suffering of a shattered dream to come alive again.  That is the intended purpose.

Throughout time evolution has occurred in response to suffering.  It’s no different today.  And evolution doesn’t go backward.  So, once transformed, once awakened, the experiences of infidelity and divorce are like that little chip in the sand dollar over there.

See it?  Yea. Barely.  And the sand dollar?  She’s still a beauty, even with that tiny chip.

Making choices, or the loftier goal – making sense of life, while experiencing the turbulence of infidelity and divorce is daunting.  There is no reason to go it alone.

I’ve helped thousands of people discover a refreshing and magical path through the suffering, ringing out every ounce of goodness contained in the pain, leading to post-traumatic growth and awakening.  This can be your experience, too.

Cleo connected with the center of my pain and lifted it off my heart.  I felt lighter and was able to actually think for the first time in weeks after just one phone session.  She taught me powerful techniques to use whenever I feel anxiety and fear so that I can still be a Mom and not miss this time with my children.  She taught me how to be present, which has saved me.  I am so thankful I found her.

Stephanie B., Montreal

Cleo beautifully shared her story and then beyond.  It is in the beyond that she showed me how to step more fully into the truth of what life really has to offer.  She invited me to experience joy, growth and love in the midst of a painful time in my life.  She gave great examples of the incredible growth and understanding that she has obtained in her life.  Working with her is powerful.  I am grateful.

Lisa W., San Francisco

RN, Life Coach

In the comfort of your own home, without having to share a single detail of your present circumstances, let words of tested wisdom pour over you for an hour, like a hot oil massage or a divine yoga session.  You could even DO yoga during the call!  It’s a powerful way to get and stay grounded, and it’s designed to be super affordable given the financial chaos that often surrounds divorce.

Each week we dive deep into new ways of being, extracting the lessons from our experiences with infidelity and divorce and applying them to our daily lives.  Soothing words of guidance are blended with guided meditation and messages from spirit and animal guides.

Get the common thread?  GUIDANCE.  The Weekly Call is all about guidance.  CLICK HERE for more details.

Cost: $10 per call

Register Here

A recording of the call is furnished upon completion.

Imagine a triangle.  One side is your relationship with yourself.  Another is your relationship with your Observer Self, your SELF that has their s…tuff together.  And the third is your relationship with your (former) spouse or partner.

Each week we will delve into one of these relationships, strip away the conditioning and recreate a formula for healthy relationships that are beneficial, without agendas, repel drama, and release karmic attachments.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?!

You will awaken your intuition, put the experience of infidelity and divorce into perspective, and be present and authentic in your life once more.  (Or for the very first time?)  And, you will have greater discernment when embarking on new relationships.  This is HUGE.  You will feel SO comfortable in your own skin, even on first dates…whenever the time is right for those.  But just the sensation of feeling beautiful in your own skin at the gas station is a spectacular feeling.

Join me for three weeks of one-on-one accelerated growth!

Cost: $375

A recording of each call is presented upon completion.

Get back to center in sixty minutes with a one-on-one Skype or phone session.  This is perfect for Discovery Chaos (how to not vaporize after discovering infidelity), Coparenting Chaos (how to release control over your children’s experience with infidelity and divorce),  Emotional Chaos (how to feel without being eaten alive), or Unknown Chaos (remaining grounded when everything you thought you knew has vaporized).

I will hone in on a few practical but magical tools that you can use to center yourself in the midst of any chaotic situation so that you can hear and see  the messages the Universe is sending for your benefit.  Be ready to accept that the suffering caused by infidelity and divorce is an accelerator for your emotional and spiritual evolution and we’ll be off to a lightening fast start toward wholeness and you radiating unconditional love all over the world.

Cost: $125

A recording of the call is sent upon completion.

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