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Yoga For your Emotional and Psychic Body

For those ready to go from hurting to healing, please join me on Sunday mornings (7AM PT, 10AM ET) for a one hour call focused on helping you spin magic out of infidelity and divorce. There are many ways for you to experience the fallout from the discovery of adultery and the experience of divorce. There are many ways for you to rebuild after divorce. My choice to make it magical from the start sped up my emotional evolution, and turned my daily life into a series of enlightening encounters, all designed to guide me along my path.

Since, I’ve never felt alone, and although there have been times when I’ve been crushed by pain, I’ve felt supported and encouraged. Hence, I’ve learned that it’s safe to be vulnerable, and being vulnerable is essential for truly connecting with others in this life. Being vulnerable makes me feel ALIVE. On this call we will create a safety net so you can move into your week feeling secure being vulnerable and meet the challenges of moving through this time in your life with courage and an open heart. This will allow the magic of daily life to come into focus, to emerge from the background noise of an Ego-centric existence which is fraught with highs and lows and fed by fears.

The benefits of a coaching session in a weekly call

Our weekly call is more like an adventure than a counseling session. We’re embarking on an expedition together. Traversing the unpredictable terrain of our emotional evolution, kick-started by the trauma of losing a valued relationship. Through a virtual connection, we will encourage and challenge each other to remain firmly present in the moment, rediscover our self, and regain our footing in life.

“In our phone coaching session, Cleo was able to change my perspective on my situation from that of a powerless victim of infidelity and divorce to a shining soul who will emerge triumphantly from this experience. She gave me simple but effective visualization techniques designed to protect my emotional well-being and to let go of pain associated with the destruction of my family. She is positive proof that experiencing infidelity and divorce can actually lead not only to a better life, but also to the capacity to capture the energy of the experience and use it in a completely new way.”


Orange County, CA

Themes & Techniques

We gather on this call to amplify the power of the community we have created; this community which is FULLY responsible for the extraordinary growth I’ve experienced since discovering my former spouse’s infidelity three years ago. We gather to center ourselves, quiet our Ego, listen to our heart, empower our Observer Self, reflect on our choices, and set goals for the week. Join us to recalibrate, be inspired, be supported, and to extend to yourself the unconditional love that will simmer in our midst. We will leave each call feeling refreshed and grounded, ready to meet whatever challenges come our way.


Reframing the Ego

 Developing your Observer Self

The Swinging Pendulum of Life


Loving Your Emotional Body

Building Better Boundaries

The Importance of Language


The Power of Our Vibrational Energy

Nurturing and Empowering Your Intuition

Tuning in to Synchronicity

I will guide you into a state where the Ego is quieted and the heart softens as I do for myself on the mountains or in the water. From there, through storytelling and epiphany musing, we’ll explore a theme and learn a few practical but magical techniques that have helped me to make good choices in the midst of the chaotic experience created by infidelity and divorce.

Calls will be recorded so you can listen again, as we all know this journey is anything but linear!

Schedule & Pricing

Sunday mornings (7AM PT, 10AM ET)

Each call is priced at $10 to make it accessible for all, taking into consideration that it’s not only emotional and psychic upheaval that we deal with, but often financial challenges as well. I encourage you to commit to at least five weeks so you can develop a practice with the techniques we will cover in The Weekly Call.

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Meet Cleo

I am a woman. A mother. I used to be a wife. Now I’m a co-parent. Oh, and an authentic spiritual being playing all those roles with a deep desire to experience a wild ride on this planet.

It’s all about evolution.

I am a writer. A climber. A long distance swimmer. A ponderer. I am a lover of people, encounters, nature, animals, and this sweet town of Bolinas. I love to laugh. Hard. Side-splitting, aching laughter. And I love to cry. Deeply cleansing tears with a purpose. I’m not afraid to feel. I’m not afraid of anything. Except Great White Sharks. Kind of.  One day I’m going to climb Mt. Everest.

Retraction: One day I THOUGHT I was going to climb Mt. Everest.

And then I climbed Mt. Rainier.  In March.

When I received the Pocket Call and listened to my husband and his mistress order a bottle of wine to take to their room, I took back my life. That very night I stood outside, under the stars, and made a commitment to the Universe and to myself: I will make this the best thing that ever happened to me.

I’m faced with making choices every day about how to navigate the fallout from infidelity, move gracefully through divorce and become a kick-ass co-parent. I choose to expect Magic. To experience Daily Joy. To live without Fear and be oh, so beautifully Vulnerable. I choose to live fully present in the moment and to see the signs. I choose to believe that nature guides me, that I can create magic anywhere, and that every time I screw it all up I make the Universe smile, and then I get to try again.

I’m so very grateful you are here.

Love yourself,


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

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